Let us supply the food and meals for any function.


We at Cook 4 U have an assortment of menus for every occasion. All menus can be altered to suit your requirements. Examples of some of our menus are listed below:

Morning Tea

  • Fresh Scones, Muffins, Jam, Cream $5.00
  • Fresh Scones, Muffins and Sandwiches $5.00
  • Fresh Scones, Muffins and Savouries $8.00
  • Fresh Scones, Muffins or Cake or Danish Pastries, Sandwiches, Savouries $8.00

Bagged Lunches
Ideal for days out of the office, sports teams, schools. $10.00.

  • Meat & Salad Sandwich
  • Muesli Bar
  • Biscuit or Cake Slice
  • 2 x items of fruit
  • Serviette
  • 1 x carton of drink (extra $1.00)


  • Club Sandwiches Savouries, Sausage Rolls, Cake Slices, Fruit Platter $10.00
  • Club Sandwiches, Savouries, Sausage Rolls, Asparagus Rolls, Cake Slices, Cheese & Fruit Platter $12.00
  • Salad Buffet Lunch: Selection of Meats and/or Fish, Salads, Cheese, Fruit, Sweet Dish (Gateau, Éclairs) $18.00

(All prices exclude GST)


Menu one: (minimum of 30 people)

  • Roasted meats selection - pork or beef or lamb ( carved )
  • Salads - potato salad or sweet and sour vegetables or coleslaw
  • Sweets - black forest gateau or cheesecake
  • Extras - sauces and condiments, breads, paper goods
Menu two - BBQ: (minimum of 30 people)
  • BBQ - beef steaks, chicken pieces, sausages.
  • Salads - green salad, potato sald, coleslaw, hot minted potatoes.
  • Sweets - chocolate gateau or pavlova or assorted cheeses and crackers or fresh fruit platter

Menu three - BBQ: (minimum of 30 people)

  • BBQ steaks, BBQ sausages, cold sliced ham, chicken portions.
  • Salads - potato, coleslaw, rice salad, hot minted potatoes, garlic bread, french bread.
  • Sweets - chocolate gateau or brandy snaps and cream or pavlova

Finger food ideas:

  • Assorted sandwiches, asparagus rolls, savory eggs, fish bites and tartare sauce.
  • Assorted sandwiches, mini filled rolls, shrimp rolls, chicken nuggets, home made sausage rolls, fingers of egg and bacon pie.
  • Assorted sandwiches, chicken drumsticks, roski hot finger bites, shrimp voluvonts.
  • Assorted sandwiches, roski hot finger bites, egg and bacon pie, home made sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks, assorted chp and dips.

We will cater any function, anytime, anywhere ...

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